From a small workshop to a leading international company

Newtec A/S is a privately owned family business, headquartered in H.C. Andersen's hometown, Odense, in Denmark.

The company was founded by Inge and Gunnar Petersen in 1976. All Newtec machinery was automated in 1979 and more and more intelligence has gradually been added to the machines ever since.

Since 1976, the capacity of Newtec machinery has improved from 20 portions per minute to 120 portions per minute.

Gunnar Petersen's persistent focus on quality and innovation has enabled Newtec, not only to follow the technological market development, but to become a first mover and set international standards within certain segments of the industry.

Generational shift

In 2006, the company was passed on to the next generation. Anders Petersen has succeeded in maintaining the core values of Newtec and making his mark on the company. He has taken his father's quality and innovation approach to another level by investing in a first-rate professional in-house laboratory. Here, Newtec-employed scientists work side by side with PhD students and specialists from various universities.

Furthermore, Anders Petersen established Newtec Engineering A/S which today specialises in optical sorting machines. As a natural extension and in line with the Newtec philosophy of quality and innovation, Qtechnology, an industrial camera company, was founded in 2007 as a strategic asset to Newtec.