Simultaneous sorting by quality, size and shape

Side view of Newtec Celox-C-UHD for carrots

How can Newtec Celox-C-UHD optimise your production?

Newtec's optical sorting machine for carrots, model Celox-C-UHD, is designed to sort carrots by size, shape and quality in a single-stage process. The machine sorts washed carrots directly, eliminating the need for pre-grading and minimising the need for manual labor, whilst ensuring consistent quality output and high throughput.

Up to 16 categories of products can be sorted out simultaneously. Sorting criteria for these categories are instantly customisable according to the current needs. Premium product selections can effortlessly be sorted out of bulk produce.

Being completely configurable by the operator or factory manager the sorting machine permits near-instant turn-around time and unparalleled flexibility. Additionally the machine collects detailed real-time product data which is available with Newtec WebServices. The same data can optionally be integrated in your own business IT-systems for further analysis.

Our sorting machine consists of three main sections as listed below.

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We believe that the machine we've got now which is the latest model - it ticks all the boxes. The quality of the actual machine itself, the reliability of it, the way it handles the product, the quality of the cameras, it is just well above our expectations of what I think a machine could or should do.

Angelo Lamattina, Managing Director of Rocky Lamattina & Sons , one of Australias's biggest packhouses.



Celox-C-UHD for carrots:
4 lanes: up to 40,000 carrots/h
8 lanes: up to 80,000 carrots/h
12 lanes: up to 120,000 carrots/h

Your advantages

  • Quality, size and shape sorting in one machine
  • Accurate selection of high-value products
  • Consistent quality output
  • No need for mechanical pre-grading
  • Gentle product handling
  • Robust stainless steel construction
  • Modular design for future extension (up to 16 categories/outlets)
  • WebServices , our data collection system, enables capturing of complete product information and remote servicing.
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Infeed section

The infeed section gently singulates products and conveys them into the camera section. It is computer controlled to ensure optimum throughput on all lanes.

Top view of Newtec Celox-C-UHD with carrots in all three sections

Camera section

The camera section inspects each product from three angles to capture accurate data on size, shape and surface quality. Every product is evaluated according to the grading parameters chosen by the operator.

Infeed section of Newtec optical sorting machine, model Celox-C-UHD which gently singulates products and conveys them into the camera section

Spinaflex™ section

Products reach the Spinaflex™ section as they leave the camera section. The Spinaflex™ section routes products to the correct outlets.

The Celox-C-UHD handles products very gently.

  • The product drop height is very low.
  • The Spinaflex™ system routes products at low speed with minimum amount of shocks.

Newtec camera section which inspects each product from three angles to capture accurate data on size, shape and surface quality.

Quality control of your product

Our in-house developed high speed cameras check for a wide range of surface defects. Every single product is evaluated in the camera section. The design of the camera section is adapted to the product type.

The carrots are placed on a belt driven system which conveys them through the camera section. Here the products are photographed from 3 angles simultaneously covering the entire surface of the products.

The machine is constructed with maximum efficiency in mind, combining high production throughput with a relatively small footprint.

We are proud to offer a very efficient and space-saving machine ensuring a thorough quality check and classification of every single crop before it is presented in the sales packaging.

We look forward to optimising the value of each of your carrots by sorting them in the most profitable way.

Your advantages

  • Optimal use of carrots
  • Labour cost savings
  • Increased throughput
  • Increased operational reliability
  • Low maintenance cost

New generation camera platform

  • High colour consistency
  • High resolution: 1 pixel = 0.08 mm2

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Successful Newtec installation at Rocky Lamattina & Sons

Managing Director of Rocky Lamattina & Sons presents their Newtec sorting solution

Danish customer benefits from consistent quality output and high capacity

Australian customer benefits from accurate selection of high-value products

Dimensions of Celox-C-UHD 3+1
 2D layout with dimensions of Newtec optical sorting machine, model Celox-C-UHD, 3+1


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