Simultaneous sorting by quality, size and shape

How Newtec specializes in carrot size and shape sorting

Our optical sorting machine for carrots grades according to length, diameter, volume, shape and quality.

The system is capable of simple single-criterion as well as complex compound size sorting in combination with quality sorting. This unique mechanism enables production of custom-sized product selections, thus meeting even complex production requirements. Premium custom selections can therefore be produced effortlessly.

Our sorting machine consists of three main sections as listed below.

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Infeed section

This section consists of vibrator chutes, which gently and efficiently separate the carrots. Each lane is controlled by a computer, which ensures optimal vibration lane by lane and thus optimal use of the machine.

Camera section

The carrots are inspected from 3 angles as they pass the inspection gap of the camera section. The software of our intelligent camera has a capacity of approx. 50 billion calculations per second. Each pixel on the relevant photos are thereby assessed based on the parameters that have been pre-entered on the touch screen of the computer. This ensures a complete surface assessment of the carrots.

Spinaflex section

When the carrots have passed the camera section they are gently transferred to the spinaflex section. When each carrot arrives to the predefined outlet, the spinaflex finger is released by electromagnetic impulses and the carrot is thereby classified and ready for packaging.

Our Celox-C-UHD ensures a very gentle handling of the carrots because:

  • the product drop height is very low since all carrots are delivered onto the outlet belts via slide ramps.
  • of our unique spinaflex system, which distributes products to the designated outlets without applying sudden shocks to the products. The system has been designed to minimize all impact forces, and shock-absorbing padding has been applied to the slide ramps. Products rarely travel faster than 1 m/s, and the maximum free-fall distance is approximately 25 cm, and is much less in most cases.

Growing your business

Your advantages

  • Quality, size and shape sorting in one machine
  • Completely sealed cabinets for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Consistent quality output for raw product optimization
  • WebServices enabled for capturing of complete product information and remote servicing.


Celox-C-UHD for carrots:
8-lanes: up to 80,000 carrots/h.
12-lanes: up to 120,000 carrots/h.

How Newtec specializes in carrot quality control

Choosing the best angle

Our in-house developed high speed cameras check for a wide range of surface defects. Every single product is evaluated in the camera section. The design of the camera section is adapted to the product type.

The carrots are placed on a belt driven system which conveys them through the camera section. Here the products are photographed from 3 angles simultaneously covering the entire surface of the products.

The machine is constructed with maximum efficiency in mind, combining high production throughput with a relatively small footprint.

We are proud to offer a very efficient and space-saving machine ensuring a thorough quality check and classification of every single crop before it is presented in the sales packaging.

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Did you know

  • that carrots belong to the Umbelliferae family and are related to parsnips, fennel, parsley, anise, caraway, cumin and dill.
  • that carrots can be as small as two inches or as long as three feet, ranging in diameter from one-half of an inch to over two inches.
  • that carrots can be found in many colors including white, yellow, red, or purple.
  • that all varieties of carrots contain valuable amounts of antioxidant nutrients.
Dimensions of Celox-C-UHD 3+1
 Celox 3+1 C-UHD


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