Cost-efficient laser sealing of ultra thin film

Newtec’s LASER FLOWPACK700 is a cost-efficient fully automatic laser sealing machine for ultra thin film, suitable for a wide range of packaging applications, including fruits and vegetables (products) packed in ultra thin e.g. PE or PP film.

FlowPack700 is the sustainable choice for both our environment as well as for the packer.

FlowPack700 is capable of wrapping tray fruits and vegetables packed in laser sealed ultra thin film complying with the EU2025 targets as a sustainable solution with minimum use of film.

Newtec FlowPack700 machine


  • Complies with the EU2025 plastic targets
  • Sustainable solution - minimum use of film
  • High capacity - up to 80 punnets per minute
  • Easy adjustment for different punnet sizes
  • Ready-to-use, no sealing jaws to heat
  • Fast return on investment

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Your Advantages

  • Laser flow wrap in ONE operation
  • Fully automatic, just select job on screen
  • Reliable and easy to maintain
  • Smooth and fast operation
  • No sealing jaws, no fused plastic
  • Fast return on investment


  • Complies with the EU2025 plastic targets
  • Reduced plastic consumption - meet the new standards
  • Better material utilisation - less material waste
  • Very thin film (down to 10µm)

Fast return on investment

Reduce number of daily roll changes at 60 packs/min. 8 hours / day

10 μm film 1 roll change/day
15 μm film* 2 roll changes/day

*At 15μm / 5550m film approx. 4.5h of operation for 250 mm long product

Punnets per minute

250 g Up to 80* portions / min.
500 g Up to 70* portions / min.
1000 g Up to 65* portions / min.
1500 g Up to 60* portions / min.

*Depending on punnet size

Fully Automatic Flow Wrapper

Capacity: Up to 80 units / min.
Film size: Up to 700 mm
Punnet size: W: max. 200 H: max. 115
Material: According to the EU/FDA rules on food contact materials
Air requirement: Min. pressure: 6 bar (0.6 Mpa)
Consumption: 150 NL/min.
Electrical requirement: 1P+N+PE 13A. 300ma RCD
Environment: 5º C - 40º C
Weight: Approx. 400 kg.
FlowPack700 Footprint


Please contact your local representative for more information. See more