NBM Series

Versatile Packing Solutions


  • High capacity - up to 90 pack per min.
  • Customised according to packaging type and product.
  • Flexible dispenser system
  • Gentle product handling with low drops
  • 'No punnet - no product'-system
  • WebServices available for remote servicing and capturing production data.
  • MachineLink enabled - from only one touchscreen, either on our NBM or our weighing machine, recipe change and start/stop for both machines available.

Potatoes • Carrots • Tomatoes • Cherry Tomatoes • Peppers • Peaches • Similar fruits and vegetables

Your advantages

  • Fill-to-top function
  • Up to three filling and closing stations
  • Quick changeover for various punnet sizes
  • Punnet conveyor with adjustable flight distance
  • Compact design
  • Customised according to packhouse requirements

For fruits and vegetables packed in punnets or clamshell punnets

NBM Series

Machine model Speed (up to)
NBM-2S Square punnet, 60
NBM-2QC for clamshell punnets Square clamshell punnet, 50
NBM-3S for punnets Square punnet, 90
NBM-3QC Square clamshell punnet, 70
Newtec, three transparent punnets, one with lid

Packing Machine for (Clamshell) Punnets

2D layout of Newtec NBM packing machine
Capacity Up to 90 packs per min. (NBM-3S)
Punnet dimensions (Approx. range)*
L: Up to 340 mm
W: Up to 300 mm
H: Up to 150 mm
L: approx. 100 mm
W: approx. 55 mm
H: approx. 40 mm
Material According to EU rules on food contact materials.
Air Requirement
Connection 3/8”
Min. pressure 6 bar (0.6 Mpa)
Consumption 350 NL/min.
Electrical Requirement 3x230 VAC or 3x400 VAC (N)PE 50/60 Hz 1 kW
Environment 5°C - 40°C
Weight 450 Kg

* Punnet dimensions to be defined according to the specific project.

Newtec Software

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Informative and upgradeable
  • Same user interface on all Newtec weighing and packing machines


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