NBM Series

Versatile Packing Solutions


  • High capacity - up to 90 pack per min.
  • Customised according to packaging type and product.
  • Flexible dispenser system
  • Gentle product handling with low drops
  • 'No punnet - no product'-system
  • WebServices available for remote servicing and capturing production data.
  • MachineLink enabled - from only one touchscreen, either on our NBM or our weighing machine, recipe change and start/stop for both machines available.

Potatoes • Carrots • Tomatoes • Cherry Tomatoes • Peppers • Peaches • Similar fruits and vegetables

Your advantages

  • Fill-to-top function
  • Up to three filling and closing stations
  • Quick changeover for various punnet sizes
  • Punnet conveyor with adjustable flight distance
  • Compact design
  • Customised according to packhouse requirements

For fruits and vegetables packed in punnets or clamshell punnets

NBM Series

Machine model Speed (up to)
NBM-2S Square punnet, 60
NBM-2QC for clamshell punnets Square clamshell punnet, 50
NBM-3S for punnets Square punnet, 90
NBM-3QC Square clamshell punnet, 70

Packing Machine for (Clamshell) Punnets

Capacity Up to 90 packs per min. (NBM-3S)
Punnet dimensions (Approx. range)*
L: Up to 340 mm
W: Up to 300 mm
H: Up to 150 mm
L: approx. 100 mm
W: approx. 55 mm
H: approx. 40 mm
Material According to EU rules on food contact materials.
Air Requirement
Connection 3/8”
Min. pressure 6 bar (0.6 Mpa)
Consumption 350 NL/min.
Electrical Requirement 3x230 VAC or 3x400 VAC (N)PE 50/60 Hz 1 kW
Environment 5°C - 40°C
Weight 450 Kg

* Punnet dimensions to be defined according to the specific project.

Newtec Software

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Informative and upgradeable
  • Same user interface on all Newtec weighing and packing machines


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