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4012B2 - Medium speed for smaller products

Newtec weighing machine for smaller products, model 4012B2 with12 channels 4012B2
Applications Potatoes, carrots, onions, citrus, and other similar vegetables and fruits.
No. of weigh heads 12
Width of weigh heads 130 mm
Portion sizes 0.25 - 4.00 kg
Speed Up to 65 portions/min.
Product size Ø: 20 - 120 mm, L: 20 - 230 mm
Dimensions without Portion Collection System W: 2160 mm, H: 1460 mm, D: 1460 mm
Air consumption and pressure 80 NL/min., 6 bar (0.6 Mpa)
Electricity consumption 230/400 VAC + (N) + PE


4012B2 65

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