Newtec Weighing Machine, 2008PCM / Memory Pans

Fast and efficient portion weighing

Our new accurate and fast portion weighing solution is a testament to our dedication to providing innovative and durable solutions that empower businesses to thrive in today's competitive market. With high accuracy and high speed, the weighing solution addresses the needs of the fresh produce and ready-to-eat industries.

With its compact design, the footprint remains the same as our 2008PCM Mini Weigher. However, due to the additional layer of memory pans, the weighing machine can reach the impressive capacity of up to 140 portions/min. It is a small, but very powerful machine, operating as stand alone or connected to other Newtec machines.

Built with durability in mind, the weighing solution is designed to withstand the demands of industrial production environments, ensuring longevity and reliability.

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Convenience and processed food such as:

  • Dried and snack foods
  • Small frozen products
  • Small, fresh, cut foods


  • Compact machine - high output with small footprint
  • High weighing accuracy: Typical giveaway: less than 0.6%
  • High speed - up to 140 portions.
  • Non-stick rigidised steel on all surfaces with food contact.
  • Option: Newtec WebServices for remote servicing, data collection and analysis.
  • Option: Newtec MachineLink for easy control of more Newtec machines from only one touchscreen
newtec webservices

Your advantages

  • User friendly software - configurable in seconds.
  • Count by weight, minimum weight or average weight programs.
  • Capable of running with one or more channels disabled.
  • Optional placement of electrical cabinet.
  • Quick dismantling of parts.

newtec miniweigher exploded

Rigidised stainless steel

Weigh pans

Height: 156 mm
Width: 75 mm
Depth: 104 mm
Volume: 0.7 L

Option: Wash Down Trolley

  • Dedicated positions for all removable wash down parts - no tools required.
  • Make use of one or both sides.
  • Flexible design according to customer request.

Height: 1875 mm
Width: 2750 mm
Depth: 835 mm
Weight: 135 kg (no parts)
newtec miniweigher exploded

Newtec Software

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Informative and upgradable
  • Same user interface on all Newtec weighing and packing machines

newtec touchscreen

Speed High speed - up to 140 portions
Capacity 50 g - 500 g
Weigh head Volume: 0.5 L
Width: 75 mm
Material According to the EU/FDA rules on food contact materials.
Air requirement Connection: 5/8”
Min. pressure:
Consumption: 160 NL/min. peak 300 NL/min.
Environment 5ºC – 40ºC
Weight Approx. 325 kg (excl. portion collection system)


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