Weight control for larger products and portions

CW10 Checkpoint series

CW10 Checkpoint series


  • In-line Checkweigher with high accuracy
  • Large portions (Up to 10 kg. at 60/min.)
  • Minimum- and E-weighing mode
  • Option: Newtec WebServices for remote servicing, data collection and analysis
  • Option: Newtec MachineLink for easy control of more Newtec machines from only one touch screen


Products in boxes • Punnets • Paper bags • Plastic bags • Net • Netting bags • Similar packings

Your advantages

  • Robustly constructed in stainless steel
  • Fast in-line dropdown-reject to box
  • Reliable and easy to maintain
  • Easy recipe control
  • Adjustable speed
  • Extremely durable and accurate load cell

Newtec Software

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Informative and upgradable
  • Same user interface on all Newtec weighing and packing machines
Same user interface on all Newtec weighing and packing machines


Designed according to OIML R51 and approved according to the European Measurement Instruments Directive (MID).

MID Accuracy Class: XIII(1)
2 g

Weight and dimensions of applicable packagings

Max. weight: 5500 g
Min. weight: 200 g
Max. Product length: 450 mm
Max. Product width: 350 mm
Max. Product height (lockable bin): 100 mm

Capacity: Up to 80 units/min., limited to 60 units above 6 kg.
Material: According to EU rules on food contact materials.
Electrical Requirement: 3x220 VAC or 3x400 VAC (N) PE 50/60 Hz 3 kW
Environment: 5º C - 35º C
Weight: 450 kg. (weigher only)

Example without reject

Length incl. reject: 2240 mm, Length incl. reject + lockable bin: 3283 mm

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