Versatile packing solutions

Newtec has specialized in developing packing machines to a wide variety of packaging types.

Today these machines are installed across the world, where they pack a large quantity of products every day consistent with current trends and changing consumer habits.

Please find below a brief description of the packaging types, our packing machines are designed for

  • Punnets/trays
  • Clamshell trays
  • Wicketed bags
  • Cups

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NBM Series for punnets and trays


The punnet/tray packing machines are available both as standard machines for the most common punnets or as specially designed machines for other requested types of punnets.

Clamshell trays

In addition to the open punnets, Newtec also manufactures packing machines for square and triangular clamshells. These are designed in various types according to product, speed and capacity requests. Newtec offers up to three filling stations and closing stations depending on customer needs.

NBM Series brochure

Newtec Packaging machines

NBM-Series advantages

  • Fill-to-top function
  • Up to three filling and closing stations
  • Quick change for other packaging types
  • Customized according to packaging type and product

Wicketed bags

Depending on the required output, we offer packing machines for wicketed bags with one or two filling stations. The packing machines are available in several versions with special features for different kinds of products, such as apples, onions, potatoes, citrus, etc.

The packing machines for wicketed bags are equipped with an integrated tape closer or a Kwik Lok closing unit. Either a printer or a separate label printer that addresses your need to print traceability codes and/or price, dates or other information on the closure can be added.

Newtec Packaging machines

Unique and gentle product handling

Continuous cup filling solution

To meet the increasing demands of convenience food manufacturers, Newtec has introduced our continuous cup filling machine (CCF) with automatic lid closing unit to the market.


  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Mixed nuts
  • Healthy candy
  • Other ready-to-eat products

The continuous filling and closing process of our solution ensures a unique and gentle product handling which makes it suitable for delicate products such as cherry tomatoes or other snack products in demand.

The servo driven motor ensures a fast, smooth and reliable operation. With only one touch panel, you can control both your weighing machine and your cup filling machine.

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CCF advantages

  • Continuous filling and closing process enables fill-to-top function
  • Up to 90 cups per min.
  • Gentle product handling
  • Cup size flexibility
  • High dispenser capacity (up to 2000 cups and lids)


Capacity: up to 90 cups/min.
Available with or without lid closing.

Intermittent cup filling solution, ICF, without lid closing application

More packing options

In cooperation with our solution partners , we also offer packing machines for the following packaging types:

  • HFFS film
  • VFFS film
  • Thermoform
  • Sealed trays
  • Flow wraps
  • Various bags
  • Nets


Please contact your local representative for more information. See more